Turre presents projects to revamp the public fountain – vote now!

Turre has presented three candidate projects for the “Fuente Morisco” revamp, and is asking residents to vote on their favourite project before signing a contract.

The three projects are all radically different, and have been designed by local architects.

“El Camino del Agua”. Estudio. Alonso Candau SLP.

3D video of this project available on Youtube.

Estudio. Luis Cano y Adolfo Soto.

3D video of this project available on YouTube.

Estudio. Lucas CC Marquenie

The Fuente Morisco is the abandoned and boarded up bit of land behind the cultural centre in Turre, it’s where the water used to run down to and it’s supposed to be the original fountain of the village. It’s now dried up and completely knackered. The public fountain in Turre is currently in front of the townhall.

The idea is to make the area into a new public space for Turre, and improve the fountains there, bringing them back to their original location.

Vote before the 20th on your favourite design!

A budget of 400,000€ has already been approved by the Diputación. Arturo Grima, the Mayor, wants the residents of Turre to vote on their favourite design before the 20th of August. The winning candidate will then be employed to turn their project into reality. Work is expected to commence next year (that’s when the funds are made available).

More information here on their webpage, or pop into the townhall of Turre. (Only open mornings during August).

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