Another day, another case – Sir Nigel Goldman (him off Spectrum radio) gets nasty with me!

A perplexing email turns up in the work email account, threatening me that unless the “untruths” about Sir Nigel Goldman are removed within 14 days, he will be instructing lawyers to sue me for defamation.

Seems a bit harsh. I didn’t even know who he was, until I copped that he presents the economic bit on Spectrum Radio. Although I notice his official website linked off Spectrum FM appears to have closed down – gives me an error saying gone. I was trying to find out which order his knighthood was conferred from, but the London Gazette doesn’t seem to recognise it.

I asked him what he was on about, and received a further complaint informing that all interested parties are jointly “issuing a denuncia in Spain and a High Court Injunction and Writ in the UK”, etc etc.

Turns out he was peeved because somebody (not me!) on a forum I moderate had linked (this was ages ago) to his book “High Stakes: How I Blew £14 Million: How I Blew 14 Million Pounds”, adding (in a slightly robust manner) that they didn’t agree with his economic advice given, and no wonder, after looking at his book. Possibly, the word “prat” was used at one point. Hardly world rocking stuff. Especially if you google “Sir Nigel Goldman”.  I would have thought it would help sales, linking to his book, but still.

Storm in a teacup sort of thing, I thought. Still, he seemed insistent, and lead me to believe that Spectrum Radio was backing him and joining in the various class action suits he was planning.

After informing him that I was a) changing the post to remove the bit he finds offensive (ie the word involved) and b) pulling all advertising from Spectrum FM whilst this was hanging over us (can’t advertise with a company when involved in legal action with one of their presenters!) he became quite conciliatory.

Spectrum FM assures me they know nothing of this, by the way, and are in no way involved, other than having their name taken in vain by a third party.

Well, it’s August, isn’t it!

Later in November: I´ve been having a lot of email recently about Nigel. If you have anything to get off your chest about life, why not contact me?

11 Replies to “Another day, another case – Sir Nigel Goldman (him off Spectrum radio) gets nasty with me!”

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  2. NOTE: This was in response to a rather self serving and suspicious email from a “happy client” who had made over a million euros legally. It was later deleted by the poster.

    If I had a broker who had made me a million euros in one year, I wouldn’t be bothered about surfing little websites like this one to protect his reputation. 🙂
    And anyway, I simply post the documented truth. And remind people that you catch more flies with honey.

  3. Goldman is on the run. After he ran from the police in england he came here to Spain. Now the Police are after him here, he did a moonlight flit back to england with his gangster’s moll. Running out of countries where the police are not after him

  4. We bought silver bullion and palladium from Nigel Goldman, which was invested in a bank in Tangiers. Now he and the bank do not respond to emails or phone calls. We suspect foul play.

  5. You “suspect”?
    I suggest you do what everyone else who has contact me has done, and denounce him to the Guardia Civil – I understand their financial investigations department are interested in talking to him.

  6. I’ve had word from the Guardia Civil asking me to contact anyone I know of who lost money with Goldman to go and present a denuncia, they have an ongoing investigation under their financial crimes department. Seems quite a few people around here were convinced by his radio talk on Spectrum to give him their hard earned cash…
    You can present your denuncia at any Guardia Civil station by saying its in reference to “Nigel Goldman”, their computer is setup for it. Seems they’ve had complaints from Costa Blanca down to the Costa del Sol about his activities.

  7. “Sir” Nigel Goldman the pompous prat.

    Is in Fez Morocco, well he was on Jan 3rd, I spoke to him. Unbeknown to me he was on his toes, I have known him for years we have sat opposite each other on many a poker table, but this time he was very very sheepish and didnt have much to say, unlike him!
    Anyways the scum bag is in Fez Morocco, well he was a few days ago.

  8. Curiously enough… I happen to know that you will find Mr Goldman happily esconced quite happily in Berkshire, UK, where he has been since before Christmas… I wonder why people are claiming that he’s been in Morocco? Mind you, he is no longer ‘Sir Nigel Goldman’, courtesy of a little deed poll certificate.

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