Yup, Turre is fining motorists via the CCTV

Spoke to Arturo the mayor this morning, and he confirmed that the Policia Local are using the CCTV in the village as a tool in their armoury against evil doers, nasty people, child molesters, war criminals and motorists.

Actually, he first denied any knowledge of what was going on, but under pressure conceded that yes, it was possible.

Sorry, but there is NO WAY that this is legal under Spanish law – Arturo said he wouldn’t like to comment, but that it was up to the head of the Locales to decide- which is why they only seem to be fining the out-of-towners.

A different circumstance is that the camera spots you parked on the zebra crossing, and someone runs down from the townhall to slam a fine on your windscreen. But even that is dodgy, as I don’t think the locales in Turre actually have that power.

So let me know if you do get a fine. I’ll be interested to see what happens when you appeal.

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  1. Thanks for the “heads up” on this!! We’re back to Turre on holiday in October!!

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