Andalucian democracy was another pipedream – Griñán to quit by September but no elections!

President Griñán of Andalucia is expected to announced his resignation as leader of the PSOE party in Andalucia, and a timetable in which he will retire as President of Andalucia, as he becomes ever more mired in scandal over the Andalucian ERE slush fund allegations. He’ll “probably step down in September” says El Mundo, although we’ll know more later today.

It’s generally accepted that since he’s about to be called to court to testify, and possibly be charged, it would be better for all concerned if he wasn’t in charge at the time.

He will then designate as his successor the first Presidenta of Andalucia, Susana Diaz, the person who won the first ever internal PSOE-A elections without anyone actually going to the urns. (See Democracy, Andalucian Style).

So the fourth Andalucian President since democracy will, once again, have been installed without any internal elections; without any member of the Great Unwashed having cast a vote for her; and without a single dissenting voice from within her own party.

Fair enough!

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