Andalucian Democracy, PSOE style

So, for the first time ever the PSOE in Andaucia (the buggers who win every single election here) decided to hold elections to decide who would be the next leader to take them into the elections, after President Grinan announced he would step down then.

Grinan was appointed by his predecessor, Chaves; who in turn was appointed by his predecessor, etc etc etc.

For some reason, Grinan announced he would allow his party to hold elections to choose their next leader, although he made it clear his preferred candidate was his n2, Susana Diaz. Several other people threw their hats into ring. To get into the vote, you need 5,000 votes from party members.

Susana promptly received around 22,000 votes. Her next closest rival got about 500.

So the elections were cancelled, and Susana won by default. She will lead the PSOE into the next Andalucian elections and will probably be Andalucía’s first female President.

And so Democracy was seen to be done.

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