Where I see overdevelopment, the Junta sees opportunity!

The Junta has discovered that the golf capacity of Andalucía is for 1,14 million tourists a year, although the annual average of visitors is just 425.000.

So, instead of saying that we’ve got three times as much golf courses as we need, the Junta has bravely stepped up and said “here’s an opportunity to cram another 700.000 tourists a year into Andalucía”.

The report says it should be possible to play 5,24 million rounds of golf a year over 1959 holes on 102 golf courses.

Per capita, Andalucía has the highest concentration of golf courses in Europe, even if they are empty.

45 “specific tourism actions” are being carried out in España, Reino Unido, Alemania,  nórdicos, EEUU, Suiza, Austria, Italia, Francia, República Checa, Bulgaria, China and Rusia.

So get your game in quickly. Next year you might have to wait your turn. However, remembering this report: Junta to spend 5million building a new golf school in Almeria –  200m down the road from the other one which is going bust!
…probably not.

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