Fires in mountains after electrical storm

Tonights electrical storm has left at least two large forest fires blazing in the Cabrera mountains, and another away at the bottom of the Almanzora above Huercal Overa.

The visible fires from Turre are a large one the other side of the mountains below Los Moralicos, and further up the mountains towards Los Giles, although positioning them exactly is difficult in the dark.

Fire in Huercal Overa

Emergency vehicle lights are clearly visible as they crisscross the mountains.

The one around Los Moralicos appears to be very large indeed, and is extending. A huge pall of smoke is clearly visible.

A massive electrical storm which started at about 11 tonight had quite a few lightening strikes, which must have caused these fires. With very little rain in the storm, and a hot blustery day forecast for tomorrow, I can only hope these fires burn themselves out before daybreak. is reporting that a massive fire has broken out around the famous watchtower at Huercal Overa and that firemen are fighting to control the blaze.

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