Toblerone chocs join the “Save the historic Toblerone” building campaign in Almeria

There’s a famous building in Almeria called the Toblerone, because it looks like the iconic chocolate bar. It was used for over a hundred years to store minerals from the railways before being moved over the ships in the port for export.

Read more about it here.

Anyway, some nasty people want to knock down the (technically protected historic) building, and the townhall, not keen on the upkeep, is quite keen on letting this happen. It was supposed to have been knocked down on the quiet last Monday, but locals have managed to stop it do far.

This is the building, but it's not that colour!
This is the building, but it’s not that colour!

Locals have been having a good old fight to keep the building in public hands, and today the Swiss chocolate giant joined the fight to “Join the people of #Almería in saving the iconic building known as the #Toblerone”, urging people worldwide to sign the petition to save the building.

You too, can sign it here.

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