Local lad wins Spanish Masterchef

Juan Manuel Sánchez, a 26 year old from Albox, has won the first Spanish edition of Masterchef.

He blew away a panel of Spains top judges (including the world´s best, Adrian Ferra, who was the surprise judge in the final round) with a combination of modern takes on local dishes.

See those peppers? That´s an Almerian pepper, that is. You normally need to go to the UK for one.

Juan, who has never been formally trained but who has worked in the catering trade all his life, is the son of one of Albox´s best known teachers, Juani Reche Gea, who fondly remembers how at the age of 4 he was already preparing meals for the whole family.

He walks away with a 100 grand and a training internship at the Gordon Blue restaurant in Madrid.

2 Replies to “Local lad wins Spanish Masterchef”

  1. Lovely story – BUT nonsense tag to photo – those mishappen green peppers and odd coloured red peppers would NOT be in any british supermarket – but go to your local village market here …

  2. Must be where you’re from in the UK – they’re everywhere in the Cotswolds!

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