Local author publishes “A Bike Ride through My Life”

Frank Clements, who lives locally in Lubrín, has published his bicycle themed autobiography, which is a must for anyone interested in cycling!

Clements is the younger brother of Ernie Clements, winner of several British Cycling Championships and a Silver Medal in the 1948 Olympic Games Bicycle Race.

He first chose to join National Service in the RAF to establish a unique place for himself-and spent virtually all of his final twelve months of service riding a bike. After his tour of duty ended, he began training to become the best cyclist in the world, his life’s ambition since his success as a potential world class cyclist as a teen.

Frank has had many ups and downs in his cycling life. At a young age, he came in second in the British under-eighteen championships and just missed being a member of the British Olympic Cycling team for the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.

He also designed, built, and loaned five special Cross country bikes to Roger Hammond and he won the World’s Cyclo Cross Championship with them.

His memoir follows his life from youth to retirement, following the twists and turns that his life has taken in pursuit of his passion for riding and offering a fascinating trip through an amazing life.

You can find A bike ride through my life on Amazon, by following the link below:

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