Griñán will quit at (or before!) next elections

President Griñán, head honcho of the Andalucian branch of the socialist PSOE and current President of Andalucía, has announced he is to stand down at the next regional elections (or maybe even before).

At 67, he is rumoured to have some health problems, and the ongoing investigation into the ERE scandal, the jobs for boys scandal, the this scandal, the that scandal, etc, etc etc have all taken their toll.

Although the PSOE in Andalucia will call primarias to choose their next leader, the undisputed leader of the field is his number two, Susana Díaz.

Griñán has not appeared at the last few informal meetings of the national PSOE, and it is rumoured that he has unofficially withdrawn his support from the national leader, the supremely inefficient Rubalcaba.

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