Mojacar townhall now has an online office (in crap English, too!) now has an online office allowing residents to carry out transactions with the townhall online.

Find it online here. You need an digital signature to use it.

It’s also in English! Probably written by Rosmari’s kid as part of his school homework. As bad as the rest of the site. For example, what does this mean?

If you want to know any especific information for a citizen or for a company and proceed virtually, you must identify yourself with a ELECTRONIC SIGN CERTIFICATE recognised by @firma for a citizen whose ID Card Number will be the same as a representant in this local administration, or a citizen authorized by that company.

I wanted to know more about the ID electronic sign certificate, but the website helpfully tells me that:

ID Electronic Card (you cant get more information in

Can’t I? Fair enough. I read on:

Online utility it checks automatically user requirements to electronically sign with an user electronic certificate

Nope. What is this translated from, Mandarin?

I mean, fair enough, we’ve spent all the townhall pennies on frapperies and don’t have enough left over for a proper translator, but I bet some kind soul would have done it for free (or at least the price of a pint). Hell, I’d do it myself if anyone would listen.

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  1. It’s the majority language of Mojácar, but the British are cast aside by the Town Hall. Un pueblo dividido nunca será fuerte.

  2. Having stayed in Mojacar last year playing with my band …. I came from UK for 3 months
    To enjoy Mojacar and the sun and happy life there ……… Only to find you have a monster as mayor of your town …… A sad lonely unhappy women who’s only pleasure is to upset people and make there life a misery ……… I was playing one night and the police came in at 10. 30 and we had to stop playing because of this stupid bitch you call the mayor……. I hope they find her guilty of corruption ……. Because I think she is ……. Fining people cos they are drinking water ……… She is obviously demented ….. And jealous because she can’t have a good time herself ….how pathetic is this woman ……… Sooner she is out the better Mojacar will be …… I will never come back and many people won’t either until she is out on the scrap heap ………… I was told by someone when I was there that she gave money to police officers to make sure they stopped all the music they could ……. I just wish I had a chance to talk to her ………never in my life have I come across such a vicious self centred Lonely frustrated bitch in my life ……………. I feel door for the holiday makers who have to suffer this ridiculous law ……………… I do hope she reads this ….. I doubt it …….

  3. Found your post when trying to discover whether I can pay IBI online. Is there anything further progress?

  4. Can you tell me how to pay a mojacar parking fine. I am back in UK and have a week
    To pay it before it doubles to 200 €.

  5. Follow the instructions on the fine to pay online. Should give you a website where you can pay by card.

  6. todos están hablando de esto y de la seguridad de la periferia, pero nadie hace nada al respecto, especialmente durante la noche, cuando la mayoría de ellos ha estado bebiendo más, desde la playa blanca, más allá del rancho de caballos.

  7. Hi David,,
    My email is
    Tell 611291371
    We have a bad flood on the road
    At calle Picasso ,ime 37.
    Have you got an email address
    For the town hall.or phone no
    Reg lewis

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