Carlos Haya hospital renamed but no cash to print new signs

The Malaga hospital Carlos Haya will be renamed to the “Provincial Hospital of Malaga”, after pressure by anti-fascist groups. Carlos Haya was a fascist war hero in the Spanish Civil War, and naming famous things after such people are frowned upon in 21st century Spain.

The decision was announced by the head of the Junta de Andalucia’s Committee for the Democratic Memory of History. Ironically enough, this Orwellian sounding committee is, in fact, a bunch of elderly politicians who probably were fascists back in the 70’s (you had to be to get a job) and whose job now consists in erasing the official history of that period. But I digress.

Rather more importantly, the new Hospital Provincial de Málaga will continue to be referred to as the “Carlos Haya” on the street signs, because there isn’t any money to change them.

So if you have to visit – you ask for the Hospital Provincial, but you look out for the Carlos Haya. But you’re not allowed to call it that. Got it?

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