No bog roll for coppers as budget cuts bite

The National Police have admitted that due to budget cutbacks they can´t afford to supply toilet papers to their police stations.

In 2011, they bought 1,2 million rolls of toilet paper. In 2012, just 500,000. This year, they tendered a contract for 960,000 rolls, but never got round to signing it as they didn´t have the cash to pay for it.

Meaning that the unions are complaining that stations are having to setup toilet paper funds, and uniformed officers are popping into bars to use the facilities.

Yank cop, but I couldn’t find one of a nacional

The united Police Union (SUP) is angry and is threatening measures. “The director general is forever swanning off abroad to international meetings – cancelling just a couple of these jaunts would pay for this”.

Meanwhile, what do the prisioners in the holding cells do? The mind boggles.

And, here´s my fact of the week (courtesy Spaniards are amongst the highest users of toilet paper in the world, using an average of 14 kilos per person per year.

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