Palomares triple killer found “not guilty”

The chap who shot and killed three gypsy leaders in Palomares during a revenge rampage (there was a blood feud between them) has today been found not guilty of murder by a jury in Almeria.

José Antonio, who snapped on the afternoon of the 26th of July 2011, picked up his shotgun, found the three members of the gypsy clan in the main square of Palomares, and in front of witnesses, shot them dead as they fled. He then handed himself into the Guardia Civil.

However, a popular jury in Almeria found him “not guilty” of premeditated murder today, instead deciding that his plea of temporary insanity held firm. He was found guilty of misuse of a firearm.

José had been filmed on the CCTV of the local petrol station earlier that day being beaten up by the three, and he had filed numerous allegations of extortion and bullying to the Guardia, with no apparent effect.

Strangely enough, only yesterday I reported that another local businessman who killed two gypsies who had been extorting him had been found not guilty on appeal, under similar circumstances.

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