Andalucia’s government signs friendship deal with Cuba, Venezuela

Well, it´s not as if they´ve got anything more important to worry about closer to home.

The Junta de Andalucia, reports El Mundo, is signing a “friendship deal” with Cuba and Venezuela (basically, the Commie part of South America), and is angling towards entry of the Bolivian Alliance of the People of Our Americas (ALBA), a left wing free trade association promoted by Cuba and Venezuela which aims to (from their mission statement) “provide a dignified and unified front against the right wing capitalist aggression of the United States of North America via Independence, Revolution and Socialism”. Other members states are Ecuador and Bolivia.

This would put Andalucia on the same footing as Iran, which is also a friendly observer nation.

We’ll be hosting North Korean nukes next.

Cuba or Turre? Turre doesn’t have such classy motors.

Anyway, the “friendship deal”, forced through by the Communist Izquierda Unida (ruling Andalucia under coalition with the PSOE), is not just an economic deal but also a political one. I’m not sure which way the economics are supposed to flow – at the current rate, it’ll be Andalucia receiving aid from Cuba.

Valderas, leader of the Andalucian Izquierda Unida party and number two in the Junta, says that Andalucia’s objectives “coincide with those of the people of Cuba, and align with policies developed and implemented by the Government of Cuba”.

I’ve been to Cuba, and I tell you now, Valderas obviously hasn’t if he belives for a second this crap.

Andalucia has a hell of a lot of problems – voting in the Commies after 25 years of corrupt, broken socialist government is the main one.

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