Valdeserra school in Vera caught up in mortgage scandal with Vera townhall

One of the founders of Valdeserra private school in Vera, Ambrosio Cuevas, is in trouble after Vera council yesterday voted an emergency meeting to declare null two mortgage inscriptions he took out on the school with the “implicit” approval of the townhall.

In short:

Ambrosio Cuevas, a big mate of the crooked ex-mayor of El Ejido Juan Enciso, who is out on a bail of 100,000€ from jail whilst the prosecutors work out how much he is alledged to have to stolen from El Ejido townhall via his Mayor mate, took out two mortgages in 2008 and 2013 on the lands Valdeserra is built on.

ValdeSerra school in Vera

However, Valdeserra is built on land granted to the company by the Corporation of Vera, meaning that he doesn’t own the land, and so can’t mortgage it without Vera town backing the loan.

In all, he’s taken out 1,4 million euros more than he should have.

Vera originally authorised the company that built the school to take out a 4,1 million euro mortgage to build the school. This 1,4 million is on top of the previous one, but Vera claims he’s reused the previous authorisations to get the Notary to sign the paperwork.

The 2008 loan was taken out under the previous administration of Felix (remember him?), who was a big mate of Ambrosio and Juan Enciso (he’s not involved in any public prosecution as far as I know). No complaint was lodged then.

However, this latest loan came to the attention of the current administration last week, and they called an emergency meeting to vote against this.

Vera will now lodged a complaint in the local courts alledging mortgage fraud and disclaiming any responsability. Quite how this will affect the school, or Ambrosio, I have no idea.

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