I’ve discovered a nasty new CV scam

I’ve stumbled across a nasty new CV scam, and it’s probably worth telling people about.

What seems to be happening is that in the last couple of weeks I’ve started receiving, through the official business emails, a number of scam CV from job applicants. Hey, I’ve been receiving dozens of legitimate CV applications – 65% unemployment in El Puche (Almeria) it was reported this week – but this is something new and automated.

It’s either a virus or phishing attempts and it works in one of two ways:

  1.  A legititimate looking CV turns up with an infected document attached. OK, it looks legititimate, but if you look carefully the CV is obviously false: misspelt English, usually a photo of a sexy looking lady attached to whet the appetite, no mention of location, etc. When you open the document, wham, the virus scanners go mad. (I imagine, I wasn’t foolish enough to open the document!)
  2.  The email is a short, generic looking cover note inviting you to download their CV online. When you click the link, you go to a phishing site that either tries to get your passwords or install a virus.

Both nasty, both seem to be on the rise in the last couple of weeks, with three of these coming in yesterday alone.

Be aware, people!

Here’s an example of a real pic from scam (1) I received (she wants to work in an Italian hotel, by the way):

"This picture of me in last job, Please open false document and ignore virus scanner"
“This picture of me in last job, Please open false document and ignore virus scanner”

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