EU says Andalucia probably can’t expropriate homes from the banks for people to live in for free

The EU has opened an investigation into the new law in Andalucia that allows people to live rent free in their own homes, if they ask the Andalucian government to seize it before the bank can expropriate it.

The law, which the Communists bought in last month, allows people who are about to have their homes repossessed by the banks to ask the Andalucian government to seize it “in the national interest”. The home then becomes part of Andalucia’s social housing stock, and the family can continue to live there for three years, after which, I assume (nobody is clear on the matter) the bank still repossesses it and still chases the family for every penny they can get off them, plus the three years of interest.

It’s the same slippery slope Latin America was on for years, I’m telling you.

My opinion on the new law is clear: it’s a short sighted politically motivated law by the Commie IU to bolster support from the uneducated sector of the Andalucian voting public. And anyone who uses this law will find themselves a lot worse off in three years time. (Earlier if the politicians lose interest in it, which they will). Taking advantadge of the peasants, I call it. Anyway.

The EU says the law is probably illegal, and has opened an investigation to report back soonest, and has promised to take action ASAP if, indeed, the law runs contrary to EU law. Which it does.

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