Turre rejects obligatory pet spaying

Turre council last week rejected a motion tabled by Martin Morales to commence a pet spaying and neutering campaign.

The idea was to encourage pet owners to spay their pets and also neuter stray animals in the town.

However, the bankrupt town rejected the idea, saying they had no cash. Hey, they’re millions in debt and can’t pay salaries.

Also, the average mentality of the older Spanish pet owners in the town -and this is from personal experience- is whilst they love their pets, they treat them like they treat the kids – kick them out to play during the day, and let them back in for supper. So a lot of the “stray” dogs in the town are actually cuddled pooches who sleep in front of the metaphorical fire at night.

I’d rather they made pet owners “pick up” after their pets – and saying that, it’s mainly the English who take their pets to the end of the street and stand there, looking guilty, as their pets make a mess on the public pavement. Disgusting.

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