15 months jail for throwing a Chihuahua out of the window

A woman in Jaen has been sentenced to 15 months in jail, and fined 900€ plus vets fees for throwing a neighbours Chihuahua out of a third storey window.

It seems that the dog escaped from the flat next door and entered into the womans apartment when she left the door open. Upon finding the dog in her hallway, she scooped it up, ran over to her window and chucked it out into the void.

Revenge, Madam, was sweet
Revenge, Madam, was sweet

The owners denounced the woman to the Guardia Civil and she was prosecuted under the Andalucian Animal protection laws. She also has to pay some 500€ worth of vet bills.

The dog suffered internal injuries but later made a full recovery.

The woman also made verbal threats against a man who witnessed the act in order to force him to withdraw his testimony, and received an administrative fine for doing so.

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