Jail for ex-mayor of Zurgena in urban corruption case

The ex-mayor of Zurgena for urban planning have been sentenced to 21 months in jail each after a Judge found them guilty of allowing homes to be built in rustic areas.

Candido Trabalon, the ex-mayor, who is still currently the councillor for pubic works in Arboleas townhall, in coalition with the ruling party after he lost the last elections, continues to face trial on several other counts of urban corruption.

Remember this sign?
Remember this sign?

The current judgement only relates to the building of 12 illegal homes in Los Carasoles, despite knowing full well that the building went against planning rules.

Antonio L.R., owner of builders “Construcciones La Jacinta SL” and Manuel MC, owner of “Procomag SL” were also fined and jailed for 21 months.

The Judge felt it was proven that the mayor conspired with these builders, together with some of the townhall workers and councillors, to permit the construction of homes in areas where they were not allowed.

Candido, who was out on bail of 571.147 euros, continues to face several other trials. The public prosecuter has asked for a total of 180 years in jail for him, although in practise, even if found guilty on all counts, he is unlikely to face more than 9 years in jail.

However, since you generally don’t go to jail in Spain for sentences of under 24 months, I doubt he’ll vanish in the short term.

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