Anyone bothering to actually contest the Mojacar noise ban?

I´d remind everyone who is whinging about the new Mojacar noise ban that, as I explaned before here, they have 30 days to pop along to the townhall and lodge their complaints against the bylaw.

The official annoucement of the bylaw can be found here.

Ah, could you imagine?
Ah, could you imagine?

As I said before (OK, that was for a slightly different bylaw, but the principle is the same):

According to my understanding of the Ley 7/1985, de 2 de abril, Reguladora de las Bases del Régimen Local, (a useful law that everybody should have at their fingertips), after the 30 days elapse, if no allegations are received, the bylaw is considered to be passed and comes into effect automatically.

But, if allegations are received, a new townhall meeting must be called and the allegations / contributions voted on individually.

In either case, until the 30 days have passed, the by-law has not come into effect. Which is why, despite the fact that the locales have been pushing their weight around over the weekend, nobody has been fined – because they don’t have the power to enforce the law until the 30 day grace period expires.

And I suppose that if you don’t contest the bylaw, what right do you have to complain later that your democratic rights have been trampled?

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