Olive oil decanters in bars banned by EU

The traditional olive oil decanter found on every single restaurant table and bar counter is Spain has been banned by the EU, and Spain will now pass a law with immediate effect to order their withdrawal.

Illegal under EU law – bye bye another part of Spain!

The reason isn’t why you think it would be. Hygiene is not a problem.

It’s actually to combat olive oil fraud.

The EU reckons that consumers are being misled by the use of refillable olive oil decanters on tables, as you don’t know exactly what type of olive oil you are being served. The canny bar owner might advertise he’s got the best olive oil in town, but there’s no way to know if he’s just refilling with the 5l for a euro stuff, says the EU.

Instead, either monodosis satchets must be used, or sealed, non reuseable bottles. The humble aceitera, alongside, no doubt, the vinegar and the salt, will be tossed onto the rubbish pile.

Mmmmm…. olive oil from a little plastic packet. Lovely.

Yet another step towards making every single restaurant in Spain a McDonalds. Great stuff. The new ruling will take effect as from the 1st of January 2014.

2 Replies to “Olive oil decanters in bars banned by EU”

  1. Ghastly. They have the little plastic doodads already in the Torrecardenas hospital bar in Almería. More trash for the landfills…

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