Rubalcaba suggests banning the 500 euro note

It’ll bring all the black money out from under the mattress, and inject it into the economy, according to the leader of the opposition, if Europe withdraws the 500 euro note from legal tender.

The annoying Rubalcaba, a man who the PSOE are slowly realising they have to dump (but can’t because he’s killed off all the rivals) came out with this idea during a “Q&A” session, in whose official photo, somebody pointed out, not one person was paying him attention.

Rubalcaba – is anyone in this official photo paying any attention to him?

He also made the surprising claim that he’s never even see a “bin laden”, as the 500€ notes are called in Spanish slang.

Spain is supposed to be the country with the largest number of bin ladens in circulation. Apparantly, either hidden under the bed, in the back pocket of the narco and the brothel owners, or inside the suitcase of the politician. Take yer pick.

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