State legal counsel for Almeria arrested for “mega scam”

The man who was until January the chief legal counsel for the State in Almería, Demetrio Carmonahas been arrested by the Guardia Civil, along with six other “officials”, for alledged participation in a “mega scam”, according to local news.

Demetrio, for some reason visiting the Alzacaba in Almeria. What, no better photo?

It seems that the respected lawyer, who had been a state lawyer for 25 years until being placed on indefinate leave in January, was arrested yesterday on the orders of a Judge. The investigation is under court secrecy, meaning neither the allegations nor the names of the other six people can be published.

However, it appears that the scam was a major financial fraud which aimed to evade taxes. The other involved parties appear to be well known businessmen.

Demetrio was a respected lawyer, with particular expertise in government matters (well, duh) and expropriations.

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