Mojacar in the national press: Dominoes forbidden!

Mojacar will ban playing dominoes in bars as it’s too noisy” screams the headline in El Mundo this morning (

An excited bit by local reporter Miguel Cabrera (the only remenant of the illfated ElMundo|Almería edition adventure) says that the war declared by the Mayor of Mojacar, Rosmari, against noise in bars will even crackdown on playing quiet games amongst friends in local bars.

The disputed bylaw (which was, anyway, dropped last week, not that Miguel seems to have noticed) would also prohibit “running, shouting, tap dancing and skating” in private urbanisations.


It would also prohibit “unauthorised gatherings” in the public street, with fines of up to 3000€.

RosMari defended the text in a statement to El Mundo, saying that its all been blown out of proportion, and that this is simply a standard bylaw that is designed to regulate the noise levels in the town, adding that in any case the text has been sent out to the opposition and she is awaiting their comments.

She added that the text was backed up by the “hundreds of denuncias” received last year by the townhall against noise in Mojacar.


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