Princess won’t face court in corruption enquiry

The Judge has agreed to suspend the charges levied against the Infanta (Princess Cristina of Spain) after the Public Prosecutor argued there was no reason to involve her in the Caso Noos corruption case, after the Court ruled there was sufficient evidence to charge her with conspiring to defraud the public purse earlier this week.

Making a mockery of Spain’s claim that “Justice is for all”, the Public Prosecutor, no less, refused to get the Princess involved and them fought tooth and nail against the Judge actually calling her in, despite the fact that her husband stole millions from the public purse using her name & connections, before stuffing the illgotten gains under the communal bed.

The Judge has agreed to suspend the involvement of the Infanta in the “Caso Noos” corruption case until such time that the complaints of the Public Prosecutor have been settled.


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