An examination and explanation of the “noise laws” in Andalusia

This article is an examination and explanation of the laws governing noise pollution, generation and control in Spain, with special attention to the region of Andalusia. It explains the regulations all business owners need to know, with special attention to bars, restaurants, discos and entertainment venues.

It also affects private people, and explains how you can successfully complain about that noisy neighbour or noisy business!

This article has been updated November 2013.

An overview of the laws governing Noise in Spain and Andalusia


This article provides an analysis of the Laws governing noise production and regulation in Spain, with special attention to the autonomous region of Andalusia.

To whom is it directed?

  • Business owners in the region of Andalusia who need to know more about the production and control of noise, their rights and their responsibilities;
  • Home-owners who are suffering from noise pollution and want to know how to file a complaint and force the Authorities to take action.

Table of Contents

  • What laws are we talking about?
  • When do you have to carry out an acoustic study or an acoustic survey, and what differences are there between them?
  • Who can carry out these checks?
  • The “Acoustic Map”
  • Denouncing a noise
  • If the cops visit my bar / business / home and file a complaint, what happens then? How to defend your rights and appeal against complaints.
  • Fines and penalties
  • A few definitions and translations

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Ah, could you imagine?
Ah, could you imagine?

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  1. Very good article thank you. It has helped me understand the situation about noise, and I now understand how I can lodge a complaint about a nightclub nearby which has outside music blaring all night long.

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