Smoking law for bars may be repealed to keep EuroVegas happy

The Government has admitted that it is considering repealing or altering parts of the smoking law to permit smoking in some public bars.

The comments came via the Delegate of the Government in Madrid, one Cristina Cifuentes, who admitted that the idea was being tabled in order to facilitate the construction of “Eurovegas” in Madrid.

Cristina Cifuentes – Mrs “I like smoking, I like gambling”

“Obviously we cannot alter the law for just one person or complex” she said during a radio interview on RNE1 today. “If we are to allow Sheldon Adelson to permit smoking inside Eurovegas, then the law must be altered on a national level and all similar catering establishments would be allowed to permit smoking indoors”.

She also admitted that some quite advanced negotiations on the matter were ongoing between the Community of Madrid and the national Ministry of Health.

In the past, Madrid caused outrage when it publically told Sheldon Adelson, who owns Las Vegas Sands and is an “American billionaire”, that if he built a Spanish version of Las Vegas there they would allow smoking inside the casinos.

The Ministry of Health refused to comment on the matter, according to Europa Press. But Cristina said later in a telephone conversation with the Huffington Press that maybe she should have said that the Minstry was considering updating the law, rather than repealing and insisted again that the matter was “advanced”.

Sheldon – He’s an good ole fashioned Yankee billionaire, you know. He don’t shake hands with no Mexican. Whaddya mean, Spanish?

Sheldon Adelson, meanwhile, despite being fêted in Spain, is in trouble back in the States after giving about $100 million to the Republican campaign to keep Obama out of the White House (they lost, by the way), and then admitting that he’s been bribing the Chinese to allow him to open casinos in the far East. He appears to be under investigation by every Federal agency there is. His half assed plan to spend a couple of billion on building Las Vegas 2 (EuroVegas – revenge of the Sith) in Madrid has got everyone excited, with Madrid thinking that he could single handedly pull Spain out of the recession.

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