HOW many people work for Mojacar townhall?

HOW MANY? You have to be kidding me….

I just came across the 2013 budget for Mojacar (total income €11.266.547,08, total expenditure €11.266.547,08, which is nice and neat). It has the list of positions the townhall has…

135 funcionarios (these are the people who can’t be fired), of which 13 are part time.

Plus a further 132 assorted jobs elsewhere throughout the village.

Funny until you realise his salary is paid for by your taxes…

That means, that a village with just 8.173 people in the 2012 census employs 267 people at a cost of €5.194.032,70. (An average salary of €19453.30 pp by the way).

That’s crazy. Am I reading this wrongly?


2 Replies to “HOW many people work for Mojacar townhall?”

  1. And, despite over half the town being Brit, Leslie (lost in the Art Museum) is the only one who has ever managed to get a job with our not-very-keen on integration ayuntamiento.

  2. Solihull Council – average expenditure per person €4636, Mojacar €1378 …..Now I know its not like for like BUT….
    Rates v IBI … about 5:1….
    Ok income tax is now somwhat lower for the average Joe

    OK, Solihull is reasonably well run …
    You gets what you pay for…..

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