Media empire? Mediaset can’t even get the envelope size right

I am, for my sins, a shareholder in Mediaset España (newspapers, TV, etc). That’s right, the one that’s going under as it is struggling to compete in todays digital world. Anyhoooow.

They sent me the annual shareholder voting form, promising me 0,00012€ a share if I turned up in person to the meeting, or else use the free postal envelope to vote. Hey, it’s the only chance I ever have to vote in Spain, so I take these opportunities with gusto.

Mediaset! Filling the Spanish airwaves with tripe, 24/7

After carefully filling out the rather short form, and ticking the complicated boxes (“No” to the proposition to increase the salaries of the directors) I turned my attention to getting the pre folded form into the preprinted envelope.

Only to find it wouldn’t fit. Bugger. The envelope is just a tad smaller than the prefolded form. It’s little things like this that really put a dampner on your day. Is it incompetence? I always assume that some pencil pusher somewhere in Madrid is quietly giggling to himself over the practical joke he’s just played on 200,000 pensioners and expats.

I eventually had to screw the form up into a little square and stuff it into the envelope, then cover the envelope with sellotape to stop it bursting back open. They’ll probably assume it’s a bomb and destroy it in Correos, if it doesn’t get stuck in the letterbox.

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