The only IU councillor in Almeria’s council quits to move abroad

Vanesa Segura, the only Izquierda Unida councillor in the townhall of Almeria, has quit with immediate effect to go to live in the USA.

“My visa arrived today, and so I give notice that I am leaving to go to live in the states” she explained to local press. “It’s the best thing for my family and I”.

California dreaming – it´s the States for Vanesa!

Locals appear annoyed that she’s dropped everything to go and live with her partner in the States. And even more annoyed that she is publically saying that she thinks she’ll be better off there.  You know the place is going to the dogs when even the politicians are fleeing. Anything to do with the fact that under the new PP laws she won’t be getting paid anymore?

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