A proof that God exists (and that He doesn’t approve of the Junta…)

1.- Spain, especially Andalucia, is a god fearing Catholic nation.

2.- We have had, so far this year, not one drop of rain, having baked under incessent sunshine since December.

3.- Today is celebrated over all of Andalucia as its “national day”, with the politicians making speeches about how great they are, and how lucky we are to be living here in Andalucia under their wise guiding light.

4.- Yesterday was sunny.

5.- Tomorrow is likely to be sunny.

6.- Today it’s pissing it down, and the celebrations have been rained off.

7.- God works in mysterious ways, but seems to be as fond of a practical joke as anyone else. Omens, etc, also crop up. Getting politicians all excited about their big day before raining it off is a good one.

8.- Ergo, God is scolding the politicians by making sure it rains on “their” day.

Thank God we don’t still worship the Old Testament, we’d be up to our ears in frogs. Now, who wants to carpool to the Church?

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