No salaries for Turre workers this month

Employees of Turre townhall were informed this evening that they won’t be getting paid this month.

It seems that the mayor (Arturo Grima, PP) has a choice between paying the salaries, or paying off the interest the town owes Santander bank, according to Councillor Martin Morales (IU).

And if he chooses to pay his workers, Santander can lodge criminal proceedings against him, because he had cash in the bank and owed the bankers money.

So, legally, he has to pay the bankers the interest, instead of paying the wages of the people who work for the townhall.

And these workers probably can’t now afford to pay their mortgages, loans, etc this month, and will see the same thing happen next month. So Santander gets the monthly interest, but then has to face up to these additional problems.


And we wonder why Spain is going down the pan……

PS: don’t expect much service from the townhall staff this March. They may be grumpy.

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