Luis Cañadas, Almería’s foremost artist, dies

Luis Cañadas was known as Almería’s foremost artist and was one of the founders and great proponents of indaliano, the artistic movement concentrated around Mojacar.

Luis Cañada painting in Almeria in the 50’s

He passed away yesterday, aged 85, in Madrid, and his ashes will be scattered in Bentarique, the town he was from.

No doubt Lenox will have more information on him – I’m not much up in the art world. La Voz has a nice obituary on him.

Not to be nasty, but Indaliano to me as an art movement basically seemed to mean “anyone who put an Indalo in the painting during the Mojacar hippie years”.

Still, he seems to have made a decent living as a painter, albeit a long way away from Almeria (he went up there in the late 40’s on a sponsorship and never left, according to La Voz), so well done Luis.

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  1. Actually no, I’ve never heard of him. The indalianos brought the Indalo to fame as the bohemian symbol for Mojácar. Nowadays, the sign is used by the Province of almería to sell cucumbers.

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