Eurovegas goes to Madrid

Madrid will get Eurovegas,  the horrific European version of the Mafia den of iniquity that is Las Vegas, USA. Ignoring the fact that Las Vegas is really the most boring of US cities, with about as much real “sin and excitement” as, say, Valencia on a Thursday night (it probably is exciting and sinful if you’re from the Bible Belt), this multi billion euro project is supposed to be regenerating Pozuelas del Alarcon, Madrid. Concentrated Continue reading Eurovegas goes to Madrid

Bullfighting to return to Catalunya this autumn

The government has announced that it will enact legislation declaring bullfighting to be a National Heritage which will overturn the Catalonian prohibition on bullfighting. Once the legislation is passed in Congress (it hasn’t been presented yet) then regional and local governments will be powerless to ban bullfights, although they could think up spurious reasons to refuse them licenses.