Will Smith buys “El Hormiguero” TV programme for the state

Will Smith has bought the US rights to Spanish TV show “El Hormigero” , a good show presented by the most irritating person on Spanish TV, Pablo Motos.

Motos, a man who refuses to be outdone by anyone, and who doesn’t mind holding up the whole show until he matches whatever infantile act the previous person does, seems excited by the news.

Willie Smith was “fascinated” by the format of the TV show when he appeared on it earlier in the year. It appears on Antena 3.

The show is somewhat infantile in its presentation – they get big names on it, often foriegners,  break down their will with bloody stupid questions then make them do even stupider things, such as take part in scatological quizzes or go diving for fake tits in jelly. That sort of thing.

The hope is now that the whole Spanish economy will be propped up by this export, it seems – it’s front page news everywhere.

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