Uncle of 13 month old baby arrested for her murder in Carboneras

A man has been arrested on suspicion of causing the death of his 13 month old niece in Carboneras.

24 year old Ovidiu Lucian Molvoran, a Romanian resident in the village, was arrested after the baby died in the local A&E, after her mother rushed her there.

The reason for the death has yet to be announced, as a forensic autopsy has yet to be carried out.

The father of the baby was also arrested after he attacked a doctor at the A&E, but was later released.Guardia Civil officers later searched the house where the man lived and sealed it off.

The family house has been sealed off by the Guardia

The father is a local man, married to a Romanian firl, and his brother told journalists that the arrested uncle had been babysitting the baby and her three year old sibling. It seems the baby had been ill for several days, but had not been taken to a doctor until the mother returned.

The case has been referred to the courts at Vera, and three days of mourning have been announced in Carboneras.

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