Roquetas aquarium collapses over 9,500€ electric bill

Roquetas Aquarium has been served notice that it’s electricity supply will be cut off on the 7th of Feb if it does not settle an outstanding 9,500€ electric bill with Endesa.

The Aquarium, the largest in Andalucia, is struggling under a 3,5 million euro debt, and its director says cutting off its electricty will cause the death of over a 1,000 examples of different species, including some rare and protected fish, as it has been unable to find any other aquarium in Spain capable of taking on its stock.

Fish. A mother. Some bloke scuba diving. Terrible photo, but still..

This appears to be the straw that will break the camels back, as it can’t pay the salaries of its staff and is, in any real measure, bankrupt beyond measure.

The aquarium is owned by a consortium that includes Cajamar, builders Hispano Almeria, Montajes Almeria (electricity people), Hoteles Playa and the remaining staff.

An annual cash injection of 150,000€ would be needed just to keep the centre operating at minimum services, according to the consortium.

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