Violent robbers of British pensioners in Arboleas caught (one was British, two Spanish)

The Guardia have charged two local men and a British man with the violent robbery of two British pensioners at their home in Arboleas last November.

A 20 year old British man BPD and two other local men have been charged with breaking into the pensioners home and attacking them. Both needed hospital attention after the fearsome nighttime attack. The crooks made off with just 260€ in cash, a mobile phone and some bank cards.

Not much else to do on a Saturday night up in Arboleas…

Police were able to trace the attackers after they started using the mobile phone (duh! Well, I assume none of these lads have a university degree). When they obtained a search warrant, they discovered a fair amount of drugs paraphanalia in their homes, and found out that they were growing and selling hashish. A number of blunt weapons, 14,000€ in cash, 31 grams of coke, a kilo of marijuana, and a load of plants were seized. In another house police found two small marijuana greenhouses plus loads of seeds.

The violent druggies have been refused bail until their trial at Almería’s courts. So, for the sake of 260€ in cash…

Druggies, eh? Muppets, more like!

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