Spanish uneasy over the first unregulated sales season

For the first time, the sales season in Spain is unregulated, and Spaniards are uneasily eyeing the prospect of, gasp! shops starting their sales when they want to.

You see, since time immemorial, sales in Spanish shops have been limited to a strict timespan established annually by the government.

But this year… shops can set their own sales, in accordance to consumer whims.

Sales! But are they legal? Of course!

Local newspaper tells us of the unease of consumers in Granada, who see some shops already in full sale season (Cortefiel, for example) whilst others such as El Corte Ingles refuse to start until after Reyes.

The Junta, sulky as always to have lost the opportunity to peddle some pieces of paper, warns of the “reduction of consumer rights” and the possibility of “illegal commercial tactics”. Bless. If you had a proper consumer department, you’d be on top of these sort of things.

So, anyway. Granada for shopping! Hurrah.

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