Velez Rubio’s mayor earns more than the PM, claims opposition

7.987,48€ is what Miguel Martínez- Carlón, PP Mayor of Velez Rubio, was paid in June, according to what the opposition PSOE party have published in their local newsletter, which means, according to their figures, that he earnt more than the PM of Spain, Mariano Rajoy.

Digging into the figures, we see that the amount is slightly exaggerated – the amount paid to the Mayor included his summer bonus, the cost of his social security and a few extra bits. In all, he costs the townhall 65.743,34€ a year*. Mariano Rajoy, the PM, gets 78.185,04€ a year.

Miguel Martínez- Carlón, Mayor of Velez Rubio, photographed as he checks his bank account online

The difference, of course, is that Miguel Martínez is the Mayor of a small town of just under 7,000 people. Not the PM of Spain.

*Not counting kickbacks, cash-ins, friendly rebates, envelopes under the counter and other non-taxable sundries. (Joke!)

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