Manhunt for baby kidnapper underway in province

A 16 month old baby was snatched by a man in Gérgal (a village above Almería city) last Thursday, and police have confirmed that a manhunt is underway in the province to capture the kidnapper and retrieve the baby.

Gérgal – remote and mountanous

It is believed that the man, who although known to the Spanish family had no direct connection to them, took the baby, possibly in exchange for a ransom. Police have refused to identify the man, but have asked people in the area to cooperate with search teams and police checkpoints.

The Guardia Civil have confirmed that the man, whose identity is known to them, is believed to be hiding in the mountains around Gérgal or Fiñana, and a large police operation involving canine units and helicopters are searching the mountains.

The baby is still missing and believed to be with the kidnapper.


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