Cuidad Real village wants to join Andalucia

A village in Cuidad Real, on the border with Jaén, wants to jump ship and come over to Andalucía.

The PSOE run village of Salona del Pino, which has 410 villagers, says that Cuidad Real is strangling the village and unless attitudes change it will be abandoned within a decade. Mayor Juliana Duque Fernández reckons that Andalucía is a much fairer and nicer place to be and would like to join, please and thank you.

Solana del Pino – their hearts may be southern, but do they speak Andaluz?

Mayor Juliana is currently preparing a proposal to submit to all interested parties. No news on whether they will be forced to prove they can speak Andaluz before joining the social independent republic of Al-Andalus.

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