UGT union takes advantadge of labour reform rules for a mass redundency

As always, El Jueves has its finger on the pulse.

The UGT in Andalucia has announced that it is to lay off 130 workers, and pay them only 20 days salary per year worked, as permitted to do under the labour reform rules implemented by the PP.

The UGT, you may remember, is one of the most vocal unions against the labour reform rules, but doesn’t seem to mind taking advantadge of the rules to save some cash.

To add insult to injury, a further 90 workers being laid off will receive 30 days per year worked, (as under the old laws), with no real reason being given as to why.

In all, the union is shedding 209 workers across Andalucia, saying that their jobs are no longer needed in the current economic climate.

UGT continues to lobby the government to raise the redundency pay back to 35 days a year (above the previous limit), saying that making it cheaper to lay off workers will only encourage employers to fire more people. As demonstrated by their own actions, it seems.

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