Evil rook from El Ejido caught

Not quite the end of the world, but nasty when provoked!

An nasty rook living in a roof in El Ejido has been caught by environmental police after “viciously” attacking several victims.

People innocently walking down the street were attacked by the large bird, which swept down to peck and scratch at pedestrians. One victim needed medical attention for the scratches.

Police were called after several attacks this week, and environmental police setup a cunning trap – they paraded up and down the street until attacked, then caught the bird in a net.

It is believed that the rook was previously a pet as it had a ring on it.

The rook was taken up into the mountains and released. José Manuel Ortiz, Delegate of the Ministry of the Environment for the Province of Almería (long business card he’s got) congratulated the officers on their good work and thanked citizens for acting promptly in calling the police, instead of trying to kill the bird.


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