Andalucia has lost 20% of its bars and restaurants in the last 4 years

Since 2008, Andalucia has seen its bars and restaurants shrink by 20,4% : we now have just 47.003 establishments.

It’s according to a survey issued by La Caixa, ‘Anuario Económico de España 2012’. No idea what database they’re using for the 2008 data.

These things have to be counted by banks, as the government no longer bothers. The Junta used to insist that all bars & restaurants inscribed themselves into the Andalucian Tourism Registry, but nobody ever did so. Rather than update the books, they quietly dropped the requirement back in 2009.

However, Andalucia continues to be the community with the greatest numbers of bars per head, with 16,3% of the national total here.

Almería currently has 3661 bars & restaurants, a drop of 24% since 2008.

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