Mojacar -grudgingly- starts to film its council meetings

Mojacar has been denounced many times recently over the Mayor’s refusal to allow anyone to film it’s plenary sessions in the townhall. It seems Rosmari doesn’t like to be filmed.An active opposition group has been setup to demand that video recordings be allowed (it’s legal under the law), and Oscar Gagliardi has been ejected four times for trying to smuggle in a video camara.

Anyway, Rosmari has now issued what must be the grumpiest press release on record, in which she says she has been forced against her will into allowing the camaras into the townhall meetings.

The videos will then be put onto the townhall website. Although Lenox will, no doubt, continue to give us his enjoyable analysis of the meetings.

Take note – anyone re-using, distributing, downloading or otherwise touching these videos will be prosecuted, she warns.

The opposition still aren’t happy – Gagliardi points out that any resident of Spain has the legal right to record the open council meetings, and the general feeling seems to be that Rosmari is only allowing the official recordings to be taken in order to edit out the unpleasent bits, and continue to refuse private recordings.

“I hate being filmed” says Rosmari in the pressrelease. “It chokes me up, and I lose liberty”.

Must be the only politician in the world to ever have objected to being filmed….

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