Moratorium on evictions promised for Monday

Told ya.

Rajoy has announced that he intends to order an immediate moratorium on all evictions that involve “vulnerable families” (taken to mean anyone with kids or seniors) until the situation can be revised.

In other news, Bankia has confirmed that it will not proceed with three evictions in the Canary Islands that were supposed to be carried out today – after the Santa Cruz townhall withdrew 1,5 million euros in a current account it held with the bank and then closed the account. The three homeowners had been carrying out a hunger strike in the town square, after Bankia had sucked up their entire savings. At least one of them, 48 year old Carmen Omaña, was able to prove to El País that she had paid most of the mortgage off, had invested her entire savings in paying off the debt, but that the debt kept on accumulating and increasing faster than she could pay it off. Even finding a rent for her flat couldn’t stop Bankia from proceeding.

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